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Self Help Workshops

Optimum Health Mini Balance
Optimum Health Balance Self Help

These stand-alone workshops act as ‘tasters’ which introduce basic kinesiology skills and self help techniques.  They are also the foundation for further training.

Optimum Health Mini Balance

Optimum Health Mini Balance introduces a short OHB balance with a restricted number of vibrational icons.  It offers a simple, safe and effective way of working with oneself, family and friends.

Optimum Health Balance Self Help

Optimum Health Balance Self Help is a 2-day workshop which provides a more extensive range of icons and introduces the framework of the OHB balance.  It is suitable for anyone to learn how to look after themselves, family and friends.  It is also the introductory module to the OHB Practitioner Training and enables participants to experience working with the icons.

The OHB Daily Balance card is a useful self help technique.   Print it off, fold in half, and follow the instructions.

Below is the OHB Daily Balance Self Help card.


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Touch for Health is Module 1 of the OHB Foundation Training.