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Susanne Lakin KFRP DC PhD

Susanne LakinWoodland View, Dixon Road, North Walsham NR28 9EA
Tel: 01692 407555
Email: susannelakin@hotmail.com

Bradford Address (c/o David Bowers)

48 Priestthorpe Road, Bingley, Bradford BD16 4NA
Tel:  01274 771984

Professional Qualifications

OHB Kinesiology Practitioner                 2003
Reiki 1 and 2                                         2002
PhD in Personal Construct Psychology  1994
McTimoney Chiropractic                         1991
OHB Foundation Instructer                    1990

(Degree in Chemistry and PGCE)

About me:

I first saw Charles Benham at a conference giving an OHB balance and knew immediately that it was for me! Compared to the other Kinesiologies I’d studied, it was SO SIMPLE, yet amazingly profound.

In my clinics in Bradford and Norfolk, I work holistically using OHB on its own, or combining it with gentle physical work using chiropractic techniques, or with psychological approaches for uncovering and then releasing stuck patterns. OHB helps deal with the blockages and addictions which lie behind chronic problems.

I teach OHB, Touch for Health, simple Self-Help techniques and sessions on Chronic Illness and Addictions. My book: Chronic Illness and Addictions: 5 Steps to Change is available. In addition, I run certificated courses on Interpersonal Skills, and Anatomy and Physiology for therapists (both recognised by the Kinesiology Federation as fulfilling core requirements for professional membership).

My main aim in my work with clients and teaching is to help people help themselves by becoming more aware of their patterns and learning strategies for change.