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Practitioner Testimonials

What I find in OHB

Undoubtedly I find the most important part of the advanced OHB system is the Foreign Energy protocol.  The clearances made at this stage allow issues to come to the surface to be resolved before proceeding with the main balancing.  With  foreign energy cleared at this point much of my work has already been done.  Deeply entrenched patterns can have a major influence upon the client’s energy levels and overall health balance. 

I have found that foreign energy shows in over 60% of the advanced balances that I have done.  It is important to deal with this as it is never beneficial to be influenced by energy patterns which are foreign to us.  How can we deal with our own stuff when we are being unduly influenced by something that is not ours?  

Woman in her ‘forties.  Commenced practitioner training in OHB April ‘03. Qualified as OHB associate practitioner September ’04 and as OHB/Kinesiology Federation practitioner status August ’07.  Cut back on office commitment over six month period and is now working as full time practitioner.