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Practitioner Testimonials

Learning OHB

During OHB part 1 I did over 50 balances on a wide variety of people.  I found this to be priceless experience as I learned so much from each one and, of course, each person also taught me something different.  It was, for me, the only way to truly get into my being the routines and rationale of OHB and by the time I started the advanced part of the course I felt I had taken on board most of the first manual icons and procedures.  I knew this was going to be essential before taking on the advanced training.

As an overview of OHB I feel I’ve certainly been able to benefit from it on every level as it is so multi-functional.  Being able to use it on oneself is such a gift and I’ve been so elated to see how it has benefited others.  Charles Benham must have had the most amazing brain/mind/awareness to have come up with and developed this system – I would love to have met him.  My aim is to use the system primarily to benefit others by continuing to offer balances and I’m looking forward to the new learning opportunities that working with people gives.

The support that has been shown to me throughout by tutors and students has been invaluable and the location and energy of the lovely Reading Room has been the icing on the cake as far as a learning environment is concerned.  I’m so  glad I came to OHB as a kinesiology modality as it fits in so well with my being and my skills – both developing and potential.  I feel very positive about going out into the world as it were with OHB and spreading the word wherever I can. 

Woman in her late ‘forties.   Kinesiology training commenced October ’03, Qualified OHB associate practitioner May ’05.