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Practitioner Testimonials

Impact of OHB

I am so glad the hand of fate steered me to OHB though at first I was somewhat baffled but definitely intrigued.  My uncomfortable back improved so much when we started balancing each other.  I just felt good about OHB and knew I had to become involved and help to take it out to other people. 

I have felt honoured to have had such a fun time whilst training – all the weekends were very special to me.  I have moved forward in so many ways since I found OHB – with quite profound life changes – and I hope in the coming years to be avidly  practising kinesiology for the benefit of myself and others. 

Charles Benham was truly responsible for devising an incredibly powerful system.

Woman in her thirties.  Introduced to kinesiology April ‘06. Interests painting, pilates and now kinesiology. Started kinesiology training summer ’06, resigned office job of 20 years in December ’07 to concentrate on kinesiology, pilates and painting.   Qualified OHB August ’08.