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Practitioner Testimonials

Being Absorbed by OHB

The proverb ‘When the student is ready, the Master appears’ didn’t really have much meaning for me until I was snatched on board Optimum Health Balance.  I was quite happy with my life the way it was, but within the first five minutes of listening to Charles Benham I knew it was going to take another direction.  Some time into the course I remembered that I had in fact trained as a healer several years earlier.  Yes, I could feel the energy, but I wanted to know what was happening and I wanted a means to evaluate it.

After the OHB introductory weekend (Module 1), I drove home with so much enthusiasm and insisted my husband should sample this amazing discovery, only to find his arms were like steel.  I was devastated, surely this ‘magic’ did not only work when Charles was around?  Later I realised that instead of making the touch lighter I was matching his pressure and we nearly finished up arm-wrestling.  Big lessons like this were taken on the chin and, of course, have remained with me.  Now, when I notice beginners struggling I can empathise and gently suggest they make the touch lighter – easy to do with the short arm levers we use in OHB. 

I love the way the system allowed for my short-comings, often coming up with a selection of icons, like pointer cards, until it all made sense.  As I became more familiar with it all, things became sharper – I seem to slip into a neutral state, like slipping the clutch in a car – and let the system do the work.  In my view there can be a danger of intellectualising and pre-emptying a variety of options and routes but Charles devised a complete system and it is a system I trust, partly because it is the only one I have and need.

Woman in her ‘fifties with a professional occupation.    Commenced OHB training January ’02 and qualified as OHB practitioner  February’04.