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OHB Practitioner Training


  • OHB Foundation or any similar certification

Framework of the OHB courses

The complete OHB course is a Kinesiology Federation recognized Advanced Kinesiology training.  It is comprised of a total of 40 taught days with at least 40 days of homestudy and practice. 
There are 20 x 2-day modules and it is in two parts.

OHB Modules 1 to 10

The OHB Practitioner training leads to assessment and qualification as an OHB Associate Practitioner.  Completion of core subjects automatically leads to OHB Practitioner and Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional (KFRP) status.  These Modules are taught over a period of about 18 months.  The general content of each module is listed on the left but may vary depending on group needs.

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OHB Modules 11 to 20

Kinesiology Practitioner Development

This Advanced Training is suitable for all kinesiologists and leads to the KFRP Advanced status.