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Practitioner Testimonials

How I Feel about OHB

OHB is difficult to sum up and I don’t have the answers.  What I do know is that the system works.  I have proven that and, being serious about my work with OHB, haven’t much time for critics who don’t wish to experience the system to gain an informed opinion. 

What made the difference for me in terms of personal motivation for sticking with it and completing the initial training is just how much I seem to have gained personally in my own life as a direct consequence of OHB.  My own life feels more complete, with greater inner satisfaction and meaning.  It is remarkable how situations have unfolded whilst studying and practising OHB.  It is like a reinventing of the wheel after so many years dragging my feet and that I am now realising my potential I have no doubt.

Man aged 38.  Commenced training January ’06, qualified OHB associate practitioner July ’08.  Resigned full time social work during training to focus on kinesiology.