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Penet Marie-Hélène

10 rue Stappaert,
59000 Lille,

Tel: +33 3 28 14 58 97
Email: mhpenet@kinesiologies.net
Website: www.kinesiologies.net

Professional Qualifications
Touch for Health proficient 1998
3&1 professional 2000
Certification Interpersonal Skills, A&P
Nutrition, Practice management 2001
Creative kinesiology professional 2001
OHB professional 2007
PB professional and instructor 2009
Naturopathe, FENAHMAN 2010
TFH instructor 2012
OHB instructor 2016

About Me:
In 2000 during a Kinesiology Federation AGM I was very impressed by Charles Benham's wiseness and generosity. I decided I would learn from him as soon as possible but then I moved to France and it took me too much time to gather the budget to follow his course, he had sadly passed away when I was ready.
Much later I attended the OHB course in France with Caroline Ancely. I used OHB a lot but I felt I was too old to learn how to teach his course. However my clients kept asking me how to use these icon cards that I was using so often. So I eventually asked to become a OHB teacher ... and it happened .
I am very often amazed by the information coming up from the icons and always surprised by the balancing power of the cards and OHB techniques. I use OHB on its own or combine it with gentle physical work using Perceptual Bodywork, or emotional work inspired from 3&1 Kinesiology, or nutritional approach based on my intensive training in Naturopathy.
I teach OHB, PB and TFH. The systems are complementary. I love to help my clients to track the causes of their problems, to unveil their blocks, to regain joy and strength to live their lives to its full potential and to find the way forward on their life path.