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Nick Mainstone Nicky Mainstone KFRP

Tuxford, Notts

Facebook: Nicky Mainstone


Professional Qualifications

OHB Associate Practitioner 2020
Touch for Health Instructor 2018
Meridian Therapy Instructor 1998
Tai Chi Instructor 2019
Specialist Ballet coach 1989


About me

I was first introduced to Kinesiology 28 years ago with Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK) which put me back together after a difficult period. I became interested in energy work, realigning chakras and meridians as well as learning and then practising the TEK protocol.
I became a Touch for health practitioner and instructor a few years ago and really enjoy teaching others how they can help themselves and others to feel better.
I came across Optimum Health Balance whilst doing my nutrition training and was fascinated to learn how icons give out a particular vibration that can heal both at close range and at a distance. I was hooked! The icons can work in all dimensions, clearing foreign energies, heal in the energy field and on a physical level. Optimum Health Balance is a hugely powerful system, created by Charles Benham, which seems to have extraordinary results both in person and over the internet. My passion is to see people positively change and grow in health and wellness, posture and lifestyle..