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OHB Foundation Training DSC00204


OHB Foundation Training provides comprises four X 2-day modules taught over 60 hours with 40 hours homestudy and 20 case histories. Assessment and certification is generally within about 3 months of course completion.

Modules 1 and 2 are useful courses for anyone wanting to learn how to help themselves, friends and families and can be followed without assessment. 
No previous learning is required.


Module 1: Based on Touch For Health I

  • principles of Touch For Health and the art of muscle testing
  • the 14 muscle tests and main correction therapies
  • checking and correction for auricular and visual inhibition
  • relief of emotional stress and simple pain
  • self-help techniques. 

Module 2: Based on Touch For Health II

  • the 5-Element concept
  • 14 more muscle tests
  • further techniques for helping pain and stress
  • food sensitivity testing
  • introduction of finger modes
  • goal setting to achieve deeper, more enduring balances.

Module 3: Muscle test by body parts

  • muscle testing by body area: neck and shoulder girdle, trunk, low back and pelvis, hips, knees and ankles
  • review 5-Elements
  • self-help techniques

Module 4: An introduction to OHB

  • the Optimum Health Mini Balance
  • working with OHB vibrational icons
  • review muscles and testing
  • review of course content, home and case studies