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Course Facilitators

Gill Tarlington is a registered member of the Kinesiology Federation, teaches its Foundation Training, Touch  For Health and is head of Optimum Health Balance.

Gill took over the administration, standards and teaching of OHB at Charles request in 2003. Gill met Charles in 1991 after studying Touch For Health. Based in Norfolk, she has been practising and teaching OHB since 1993 both privately and through Norfolk Adult Education.

Susanne Lakin has joined Gill in overseeing OHB’s future. She is a registered OHB practitioner and has studied aspects of a number of kinesiologies. Susanne draws on her training in McTimoney chiropractic, Personal Construct Psychology and Reiki.

Gill Tarlington KFRPGill Tarlington KFRP
23 Church Lane, Burgh-next-Aylsham, Norwich  NR11 6TR
Tel: 01263 732197
E-mail: gill@kinesiologyohb.co.uk


Susanne Lakin KFRPSusanne Lakin KFRP
Woodland View, Dixon Road, North Walsham, Norwich  NR28 9EA
Tel: 01692 407555
E-mail: susannelakin@hotmail.com


Lois Radmer KFRP
Weavers Well Therapies, Weavers Well Cottage,
Woodend Road, Gauldry, Newport on Tay, Fife DD6 8SR
Tel: 07541 120450

Caroline Ancely OHB Pract
13 rue St Jerome - 69007, Lyon, France
Mob tel: +33 06 66 25 32 58

Marie-Hélène Penet
10 rue Stappaert, 59000 Lille, France
Tel: +33 3 28 14 58

Anita Ramsden KFRP KFRP
Hayloft, New Road, Worlingworth,
Ipswich IP13 7PA
Tel: 07799 401272

Nicola Mainstone KFRP KFRP
The Methodist Church School, Newcastle Street,
Tuxford, Notts NR22 0LN
Tel: 075535 675348