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Caroline Ancely

Sha tin,
Hong Kong,

WhatsApp tel: +33 666 25 32 58




Caroline Ancely originally completed a business degree in France. After 10 years in industry she trained in Communication skills and various therapies (Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Rebirth). She then specialised in Neuro Linguistic Programming at Master’s Level and also trained in Graphology and Morphopsychology. This led to a new career as a Communication Trainer in various firms, Social Services and nurses’ schools.  Caroline then trained in Kinesiology and became a facilitator as well as a one-to-one consultant.

For over 30 years Caroline has been teaching various kinesiologies including Touch For Health (energy circulation through reflexes points and meridians), 3 in1 (finding and clearing the age of traumas), Brain Gym (exercises to reconnect synapses in the brain), and Optimum Health Balance (finding and clearing energy imbalances and running programs via icons). Caroline is also an energetic healer and Reiki master. Based on her lifetime experiences, alongside Dr Alweena Zairi, Caroline developed Attuning Full Potential (AFP) to help with the reconnection to your essential nature and raise your vibrational level to hydrate your soul.