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Anita Ramsden KFRP

Anita RamsdenHayloft, New Road,
Worlingworth, Suffolk,   IP13 7PA
07799 401272

Professional Qualifications
OHB Practitioner 2020
Touch for Health Instructor 2018
Touch for Health Proficient 2018
Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional 2018
Creative Kinesiology, Perceptual Bodywork Practitioner 2015
Reiki 1 and 2 2014
Foundation course in Basic Systematic Kinesiology 2004
Association of Systematic Kinesiology.
Certification in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Interpersonal Skills, Nutrition and Practice Management

About me:
I would love you to try Kinesiology for yourself, it is a miraculous system which amazes and surprises people on a daily basis. I was a client throughout my 20’s and into my 30’s before I took my first tentative steps on the Kinesiology journey. I was so fascinated and blown away by how it repeatedly helped me and my family that I was drawn to study it and continue to love it.

Behind every ache, pain and physical complaint is an emotional component, even if it is buried deeply on a subconscious level. OHB has an ability to get to those deep places with precision, and without too much disturbance. It can shift energy and let it resettle in a calm, positive and energising way with the incredible ‘side effect’ of allowing your body to unblock it’s stresses and bring itself into Optimum Health. I find that I am always learning and I am always in awe of the intelligence of our complex human body, mind and spirit. OHB lets your body lead the conversation and guide the bespoke healing process.

I feel lucky to have found this process and compelled to share its benefits