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About OHB


Charles BenhamThe originator of OHB was Charles Benham.  He first became involved with kinesiology in 1979 at the age of 58 and was a member of the first group of Touch For Health instructors in the UK. He studied, practised and trained in a range of kinesiology disciplines and was a leading pioneer of kinesiology in the UK. His major innovation was the introduction of the Optimum Health Balance system with its easy-to-use vibrational icons.

Gill TarlingtonSadly, Charles died in 2003 but had previously appointed Gill Tarlington to succeed him as head of OHB.  Based in Norfolk, she has been practising and teaching OHB since 1993 both privately and through Norfolk Adult Education.  She has been a registered member of the Kinesiology Federation since 1993.